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Risk Reversals Suggest Weak Hands Are Long USD, Yen -Seeking Alpha

By: Daily Trading

Risk reversals can be used to represent expectations on currency direction. We often peruse the 25 Delta Risk Reversal to see how a market is positioned towards a currency. This helps us to take a view on whether a currency is overbought, oversold or within normal ranges.

For those unfamiliar, a risk reversal consists of a pair of options, a call and a put, on the same currency, with the same expiration (one month) and sensitivity to the underlying spot rate. Risk reversals are quoted in terms of the difference in volatility between the two options.

One thing it is useful to consider is just where the marginal buyer will come from if the majority of the crowd has already taken a considerable view.

Let’s look at how things currently stand. In the screen grab below we are looking at the price of options of various currencies relative to USD.

So from this we take away that the crowd is heavily long the USD (short the Euro, CHF, GBP etc) and even more long the JPY.

Painful years of trading experience has taught us to always look to be a provider of liquidity to weak hands because weak hands are ultimately losing hands. With extreme negative risk reversals of currencies against the USD it isn’t difficult to work out that weak hands are now heavily positioned long the Dollar. Well, we will buy as many deep out of the money calls as we can on the Euro.



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