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Warning! Today’s post includes information the Central Banks and The IMF DO NOT Want you to Know! New Peter Schiff on Gold and more… If everyone would start taking delivery on their Gold and Silver Contracts we could create the “rumored” Short Squeeze since there s not enough physical Gold and Silver available to cover all of the Open Short Contracts; and at the same time sustain new buying. The same thing would also apply to taking delivery of Stock Certs in the Precious Metals Mining Companies. Such actions would create massive buying and become a self fulfillingprophecy unto itself. Enjoy! – jschulmansr

President of Euro Pacific Capital On Gold and the Dollar – Peter SchiffSeeking Alpha

Source: Hard Assests Investor

Mike Norman, HardAssetsInvestor.com (Norman): Well, he’s back. Mr. Doom and Gloom is here … Peter Schiff, president of Euro Pacific Capital and author of the new book just out, “Bull Moves in Bear Markets.”

Peter Schiff, president of Euro Pacific Capital (Schiff): “The Little Book …”

Norman: “The Little Book …”; it’s in The Little Book Series. Well look … the last time you were here, things were kind of going your way, but it looks like things have turned upside down.

All kidding aside, I know your big thing over the last seven or eight years has been gold. We’re very supportive of gold on this show; we think that probably people should have some gold as part of their overall portfolio mix. But let’s just look at what happened.

Several weeks ago, the U.S. stock market had its worst week in history … even going back to the 1930s … worst week in history. I saw a breakdown of various assets – all assets really – stocks, bonds, gold, commodities, oil. Gold was at the bottom of the list. The top-performing asset, and something that you hate, was the U.S dollar.

So how do you explain that? If we are going through the worst economic and financial crisis in history – precisely what gold is supposed to protect against – why would it perform so bad?

Schiff: Well, I think it will perform very well; you got to give it a little bit more time.

Norman: More time or more decimation?

Schiff: No, what’s happening right now, Mike, is just de-leveraging, and so gold is going down for the same reason a lot of stocks are going down, a lot of commodities are going down. There’s a lot of leverage in this system, there’s a lot of margin calls, a lot of liquidation; a lot of people are having to sell whatever they own to pay off their debts.

Norman: But look at where the money is going … the money is going into U.S. sovereigns, Treasuries … it’s going into the U.S. dollar.

Schiff: For now.

Norman: Why for now?

Schiff: Right now there’s some perception of safety there, but it’s the opposite of the leveraging. If you’re selling your assets, you’re accumulating dollars; but ultimately right now, it’s like there’s been this gigantic nuclear explosion in the United States, and everybody is running toward the blast. Pretty soon they’re going to figure out they’re going in the wrong direction.

Norman: You always talk about gold as a currency, and we have seen currencies appreciate – the yen, for example, the dollar tremendously, for example, but gold has not held up.

Schiff: Well, if you actually look at gold versus other currencies, in the last couple of weeks gold has made new record highs in terms of the South African rand, the Canadian and Australian dollars … so gold was not doing as poorly as many of the currencies, and I think this is all short term.

I think you’re going to see a lot of money moving into gold, and if you look at how much gold has gone down from the peak, the peak was about a thousand … it’s off about 25%. Stocks are off 40%. Gold is still up during this year against the Dow.

Norman: Let’s see the performance from this point forward; we’ll look back at this again and we’ll revisit this issue.

Let’s talk about something else, something that you have also … and I just mentioned it … the U.S. dollar. You were very, very negative. In the last month, we have seen unprecedented actions by the U.S. Fed in terms of expansion of the monetary basis; in other words, printing money … what you call printing money … and despite that, the dollar has remained incredibly strong.

How do you explain that according to your logic?

Schiff: Everything the government is doing is inherently negative for the dollar, and all of this…

Norman: It’s not playing out that way.

Schiff: It will; you’ve got to give it time.

I remember when I was on television talking about the subprime and people were telling me it’s no big deal, and I said, just wait a while; give it time.

Look, everything that we’re doing – all the bailouts, all the stimulus packages – this is all being financed by inflation. It’s inherently terrible for the dollar.

Norman: But you just said yourself that everything is deflating.

Schiff: But right now, Mike, you’re getting this de-leveraging, and this is benefitting the dollar, so despite the horrific fundamentals for the dollar, it’s going up anyway.

But ultimately, when this phony rally runs out of steam, the dollar is going to collapse, and that’s when we’re going to have a much greater crisis because now you’re going to have a collapsing dollar, which is going to push long-term interest rates up, commodity prices up.

Norman: I still don’t understand why the dollar is going to collapse. So you’re saying that the Fed is just going to allow … or leave this enormous amount of liquidity in there, that at some point down the road, if we recover, they’re not going Scto take it out?

Schiff: Look, they have no control over it. The Fed is trying to artificially reflate our phony economy, right?

We had this economy that was based on Americans borrowing money and then spending it on products. We have this huge debt finance bubble which is collapsing, and it’s being supported by foreigners.

But when this artificial demand for Treasuries goes away, the Fed is going to try to print a lot of money and the dollar is going to get killed.

Norman: All right; I’m going to ask you to hold on. Folks, check back because we’re going to do the second part of my interview with Peter Schiff, so check back to this site. This is Mike Norman; bye for now.


The Manipulation of Gold and Silver Prices – Seeking Alpha

By Peter De Graaf of Pdegraff.com

Here is an article you may want to forward to your favorite mining CEO.

This article deals with the blatant manipulation that has been occurring in the gold and silver markets, and offers a solution. While this scandal has been going on for many years, at last more and more people are becoming aware that it is going on.

One of the first people to document the ongoing attempts to suppress the gold price was Frank Veneroso. Next was Bill Murphy of GATA.org. GATA continues to press the issue. Gata has discovered that the IMF instructed its member banks to treat gold that had been leased to bullion banks and sold into the market as if it were still in the vault! Imagine if an entrepreneur was running his business in this underhanded manner – how long would the government allow that?

A few years ago John Embry, while he was Portfolio Manager at RBC Global Investment Fund – a multi-billion dollar resource fund at the Royal Bank – prepared a memo for the bank’s clients that detailed the manipulation in the gold market.

Ted Butler has written extensively on the manipulation in the silver market.

This is something I have observed first hand since I became interested in silver in the mid-1960’s. It seemed that every time silver reached a peak, an invisible hand came out of nowhere and knocked the price back down to the starting point again. I wrote an article about this titled: ‘Once upon a time, in Never-Never Land.’

Every time a geo-political event, or a serious economic happening, such as the collapse of Bear-Stearns, causes gold to rise, (as it would be expected to do since it has always been a ‘safe haven investment’), the price immediately gets trounced, and investors and producers accept this new price as ‘THE price,’ since the new event has now been discounted.

Whenever common sense tells you something is happening that should cause a rise in the price of gold and silver, you can count on intervention to cap the price. As a result, millions of investors and mining companies have lost billions of dollars that they would have earned if these markets had been allowed to run their normal course.

The manipulation is obvious in the following charts:

click to enlarge

This chart shows steady buying interest that took price from the low at 955.00 on July 14th to 985.00 the next day. The buying took place in Asia, then Europe, and carried over for about an hour in New York, when suddenly, in the space of minutes, an unseen entity dumped gold in the form of futures contracts (green line), without any attempt to obtain the best price possible. In about 5 minutes the gold price was down by 15.00, and the rise was over, as price drifted sideways for the rest of the day.

It was discovered later that several large banks, suspected to be HSBC (HBC) and JPMorgan Chase (JPM) and possibly one other bank, had switched from being ‘net long’ 5,381 gold contracts at the beginning of July 2008, to being ‘net short’ 87,609 gold contracts by the end of July. That is a 94,000 contract ‘turnaround’ and smacks of blatant interference in the market place, since these banks do not produce gold, nor are they likely to be hedging against that much gold in the vaults, since they do not own physical gold. Such a dramatic switch without any change in fundamentals is beyond reason.

Featured is the daily gold chart from October 13th. The blue line shows steady demand followed by consolidation early on Oct 14th, as recorded via the red line. Then a mysterious seller showed up shortly after the COMEX began trading in New York, and in the space of minutes the price was knocked down by 30.00. This is totally illogical, since the seller has no interest in obtaining the best price. His only interest is to destroy the price.

“In 1980 we neglected to control the price of gold. That was a mistake.” Paul Volcker.

“Central banks are ready to lease gold, should the price rise.” Alan Greenspan during Congressional testimony July 24/1998).

Featured is the price action right after the COMEX began trading in New York on October 16th. Within a few minutes the price was knocked down by 35.00 (green line), after the price had established a solid trading range between 830.00 and 850.00 during the previous two days (red and blue lines). This illogical dumping of gold contracts caused margin related selling to bring the price down another 15.00 before bargain hunters were able to level the price around the 800.00 mark.

These are just some of the examples of ‘irrational behavior’ on the part of several large traders on the COMEX, whose actions are not being controlled by the people who oversee the COMEX. While this article deals primarily with gold, the same manipulation exists in the silver markets. To repeat an earlier comment, ‘millions of investors (including miners), have lost billions of dollars because of the manipulation.’ The US government is able to interfere in the markets by way of the Exchange Stabilization Fund which is run by the Federal Reserve and the Treasury Department. The size of the manipulation referred to in this article could not take place without the encouragement that is very likely provided by people who are highly placed in government.


The effect of this manipulation in the gold and silver markets is an artificial low price. In view of the fact that bullish events are not being allowed to permit prices to rise, nevertheless these events will eventually have a positive effect on the price. The cause is real, but the effect is delayed. The steam in the kettle continues to boil, despite the lid being clamped down. The artificial low price stops the development of mining projects that would have been profitable at the higher price. The artificial low price also cuts into profit margins at every producing mine, making it more difficult to obtain funding for exploration to increase resources. Every mine in the world is at all times a ‘depleting asset’ and needs exploration to postpone the day when the last ounce is mined.


The ammunition used by the manipulators is provided by two sources: Central banks (including the IMF), and the COMEX. While there is nothing anyone can do about the gold selling that originates with the central banks, there are ways to choke off the amount of precious metal that flows into the COMEX warehouses.
Those of us who are tired of the manipulators picking our pockets need to become active.
In 1978 – 1979 it was a rising silver price that caused gold to rise – silver was the leader. It makes sense therefore to concentrate on silver, especially since the central banks do not have hoards of silver.


Mining companies that supply silver to the COMEX need to find a way to turn their silver into small bars (1 oz to 100 oz), and 1 oz rounds and sell these to the public. Already some mines are doing this by selling from their website, and they are obtaining a hefty premium over the spot price. If your production is limited, join forces with a mine that is already merchandising silver products, or form a sales organization with other small mines. Hire some cracker-jack salespeople; there is a big market out there! Starve the COMEX if you want to see silver sell to realistic prices. Adjusted for inflation, the silver price of 48.00 that we saw in February of 1980, is trading at 4.00 today. (In 1980’s dollars, silver is now selling for 4.00 an ounce!)

Next, (and still communicating to mining CEO’s), instead of keeping money in the bank, or in various kinds of short-term notes, store up silver, and show us that you believe in the product you are producing. Instead of cash on hand, buy futures contracts, and keep rolling them over.

Coin dealers and wholesalers need to buy 5,000 oz bars from the COMEX, take delivery, and contact a refiner who will turn the silver into retail products. If your operation is not large enough for a 5,000 oz purchase then buy silver from people like Jason Hommel, who was smart enough to start doing this on a large scale.

Investors who can afford to spend $55,000.00 should consider buying a silver contract from the COMEX and taking delivery. James Sinclair at JSMineset.com will show you how to go about that.

Finally, anyone who holds any kind of a certificate that promises to deliver silver, needs to make sure that the bank or institution that stores the silver, is willing to provide bar numbers. Otherwise when the day comes to collect, you may find that the silver does not exist. On my website you will find an article that I wrote about a fund that stores gold and silver at a bank in Western Canada. They invite auditors twice a year to audit the inventory.

Cartoon courtesy Gary Varvel, Indy Star.

The Madoff scheme is but one example of the lack of oversight on the part of people who have been placed in the position of protecting the public. In the US Congress, two of the people responsible for the mess that was created by Freddie Mac (FRE) and Fannie Mae (FNM): Congressman Barney Franks and Senator Chris Dodd, are now part of the group that is trying to ‘fix’ the problem. The foxes are in the henhouse! It was Franks and Dodd, who for years received money from Fannie and Freddie, while they stood in the way of people who wanted to tighten the lending standard at these two mortgage lending institutions. Whatever happened to responsibility? Where is the outrage?

Featured is the weekly gold chart. Price is ready to breakout on the upside. The supporting indicators are positive (green dashed arrows). The 7 – 8 week cycles have been short (twice at 6 weeks). We are due for a longer cycle. A close above the blue arrow will indicate that week #4 is the start of a run up to the green arrow. Once 925.00 is reached, then 975 is next. Since Labor day, the Federal Reserve’s assets (including huge amounts of toxic assets), have increased from 905.7 billion to 2.3 trillion dollars. This, along with the increase in the monetary base is going to add to price inflation and will cause a lot of investment money to enter the gold market. The gold rally that started in November has only just begun.

Featured is the weekly silver chart. Price has been rising since late October. The supporting indicators are positive (green dashed arrows). A close above the blue arrow sets up a target at the green arrow.

Thanks to Eric Hommelberg for the idea to use ‘historic spot charts’ to make my case. I applied the 11th commandment: “Thou shalt use every good idea thou comest upon.”


Noteworthy Pundit: Marc Faber’s 2009 Predictions

Source: Tim Iacono of Iacono Research

Despite the stumbling introduction by Joe Kernen and some bizarre in-studio camera work on what appears to be a very old picture of Dr. Doom, this is a pretty good interview.